I’m a 30 year old wife, mama to two precious loves, first grade teacher, and believer.

In the midst of our crazy, chaotic life, we were thrown a curve ball in November 2016 when I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Yuck.

Several weeks ago, when things took a crazy turn, my father in law mentioned that I should keep a journal throughout this whole experience. I constantly find myself reliving the details of our situation. Rather than going back and forth, replaying the conversations with doctors, etc., I figured it would be best for me to write out my thoughts, questions, fears, and feelings during my “journey” with cancer. So, here we are…

This is simply a place for me to write my thoughts, fears, and memories during this significant time in my life. I’m not necessarily writing for anyone in particular to read, but merely so I can look back and see how God was at work but also to remember what an incredible army I had along side me through it all.

Many people has asked how they can help. Please just pray…send positive thoughts…whatever it is you do, do that.

Questions? Just ask.




One thought on “About

  1. What a wonderful blog! It hits home all too well. My 20 year old son had the very same type of lymphoma. We went through a lot of the same feelings as you did. It’s so funny, during that time, my husband and I both binge watched Parenthood because sleep didn’t come to us very easily.
    I was also an elementary school teacher, but decided to resign to take care of my son.
    Noah, my son has been lymphoma free for almost a year!!!! He did develop a very rare blood cancer that is related to lymphoma, but Praise Jesus, he finished his last round of chemo last Friday. We get scans March 6 to make sure his lungs and brain is 100% clear! After three months of chemo, it was looking great, so we are expecting great results!
    I will pray for you and your family! God is so good!

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