Angels on Earth

Y’all. There really are angels on Earth. Angels sent from Heaven, doing God’s work on Earth. If you don’t believe me and would like to see for yourself, they work on the 4th floor at the Medical Center of Plano (now Medical City Plano).

As I’ve mentioned multiple times before, when my oncologist mentioned that I would need to receive treatment at the Medical Center of Plano, I was crushed. I was hopeful that I would be able to be at Texas Health Plano, where I had both of my babies and had my biopsy and port put in before treatment. I had received such incredible care, I was afraid to go anywhere else. I was sure the care anywhere else wouldn’t come close to matching the care at THP.

Boy, was I wrong. Not only was I wrong…I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From the second I was admitted for the first round in the hospital (second round over all, but first round of the new regimen), it was obvious that the nurses were remarkable. Genuine. Passionate.

I will say, my situation was different than most. Most people have their stay in the hospital, leave when they’re done, and then it’s over. For me, I knew I would be coming back every three weeks…so if I didn’t like my nurses, I was in trouble.

Every day and night, I couldn’t wait to see who my nurse would be. I loved when my current nurse would come in as her shift was ending and would bring in my next nurse. It was like Christmas seeing who would come through the door. The anticipation brought me a lot of joy during that time. And even if I hadn’t had a particular nurse before, I knew I was in good hands…because every one of them was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I will say, some stood out from the rest. I’ve learned that in life, you meet people who will forever change your life. People who make you a better person for knowing them. People who make an impact so great on your life that you genuinely look forward to spending time with them. People who you just instantly connect with on a deeper level…and you know you’ll be friends for a lifetime.

Let me introduce you to some of those people.


Meet Joy…she wears her name well. She is a mother of two sweet girls…and she’s an incredible nurse. I didn’t get to have her often, but when I did, she was amazing. For the short time she was my nurse, I was blessed by her sweet spirit.


Meet Terene. Oh, Terene! This girl is a hoot! She is one of the techs. This girl lights up a room the moment she walks in a room. I felt like she was my biggest cheerleader throughout each round. We had some wonderful conversations with just the two of us. I always looked forward to her hugs on my way out each Friday. This woman is filled with Jesus and it shows. Big things are coming for this mama!


Meet Sarah. I was blessed to have Sarah as my nurse only one day this past round. I’m so sad I didn’t get to have her more than that, because man, she was incredible. It took her one day of being my nurse to get to my heart. She was genuine. She’s a doll. A mom and two and an outstanding nurse.


Meet Danette. This lady is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. She was a tech that I was blessed to have several days each round I was there. I always looked forward to her company. She tells it like it is and I love that.


Meet Lauren. This girl is a riot. We laughed…a lot. She’s from McKinney and happens to live in our old neighborhood. She’s a mom of three from Missouri. She brilliant but doesn’t like to share that. It was always a party when she was my nurse…and I like parties, especially when she’s in attendance.


Meet Teri. Teri was the first nurse I had at the hospital. She set the bar high…really high. I was fortunate to have her almost every round. She is so very good at what she does.She’s quiet, but she loves her patients. She hates having her picture taken…but I got her to take a few.


Meet Michele (with one ‘l’). This girl and I clicked immediately. She’s a lot of things…thorough, real, and honest…just to name a few. She never skipped a step when it came to taking care of me. She always made sure I knew what she was doing, what medicine I was taking, and why I was taking it. I loved having her at night, although it meant that I didn’t get to see her as often since I was off trying to catch some Zzzs.


Meet Amanda. This girl is a doll! Kind of like a Barbie doll. She is the cutest thing and has the best little Oklahoma accent. She is so good at what she does. She’s an incredible nurse, but an even better mom. I didn’t get to have her very often, but even when I didn’t, she would come by and say hi and give me a quick hug when she was on shift. She has no idea how much those hugs meant to me.


Meet Jan. I only had her once and it was when I received the blood transfusion., she is precious! She actually spilled water on my sheets and she felt horrible. I wasn’t sure she was going to recover from it…such a sweet lady. She took such good care of me while I was there…my fingers are crossed for another transfusion, and I’m hoping I’ll get her again too. 🙂


Meet Amy. Amy was one of my night nurses. She is a gem! She’s a rule follower and is always so thorough…and she’s not afraid to remind me to wash my hands (don’t worry, I do). I knew that each time she was my nurse, I was getting the best care.


Meet Katy. Oh, sweet Katy. There’s a good chance that girl is my soul sister. She is one of a kind. She genuinely cared, and it was obvious. She was the nurse who discharged me several times…so I blame her for all of the tears. 🙂 I always looked forward to seeing her. Each and every time. This lady is a mom, a nurse, and about to be a nurse practitioner. This lady is driven. She is going to do incredible things and touch many lives.

When the time came for me to be discharged, most people would have thrown a party and celebrated…but me? I cried. Every.dang.time. I cried because I cherished my time with my nurses (and techs). I cried because I knew it would be so long 2 weeks before I would get to see them again. Maybe I was just an emotional wreck each time…but either way, my tears showed what an impact they had on me. You know you’re in good hands at the hospital when you dread leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing that I was going to get to see and hug on my babies…but I knew how much I would miss the companionship I had with the nurses. I had some of the most genuine conversations with each and every one of them during my stays at the hospital. They seemed to be truly interested in me and who I was. Maybe they feel that with all of their patients. Who knows.

So what do you get for people who have impacted your life in such a positive way? Money isn’t exactly in abundance right now, so it wasn’t like I could go out and buy fancy gift cards for 11 nurses/techs. Don’t get me wrong…they deserve that. They each deserve an incredible gift…but it just wasn’t possible financially right now. So, I went the creative route instead. I bought YETI-like cups and personalized them. I’m hoping it was meaningful for them…and I hope they think of me every time they use it.





Thank you, Jessica Spence, for making these precious Cake Pops for my nurses…they were a big hit. You are so incredibly talented!


I truly believe that each of these ladies was put in my life for a reason. Each and every patient that these ladies work with is truly blessed…I hope they realize that. I will never be able to thank them or put into words how grateful I am for their love, support, and care.

The nurses on the 4th floor are Medical City Plano are angels. I don’t suppose this is common…finding a nursing department where every single nurse/tech is absolutely remarkable. I just pray that some day I will be able to pass on the love and care they showed me.

If you’re ever lucky enough to meet any of these ladies…consider yourself blessed. Not everyone gets to meet angels on Earth.


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