Blood Transfusion, Live TV, & Monica Potter

What do a blood transfusion, live TV, and Monica Potter have in common? This girl! (I’m pointing to myself.)

I’m currently sitting in a hospital room receiving a blood transfusion. Whooo! Yay! It’s what my oncologist got me for Valentine’s Day. Because you know, every good Valentine’s day starts with a “date” with your oncologist. Yesterday I went in for blood work and to make sure things are on track for me to start Round 5 next Monday.

Good news: My white count was up. It wasn’t great, but it was higher than it has been…thanks to the Neulasta shot I got last week. Remember that shot I got last week that made me feel like I was 107 years old and my bones were broken? Yah, that one. Well, it worked. White count was decent.

Bad news: My red count was TERRIBLE. Like, startlingly low. Dr. Stone came in immediately and said that I needed to go in tomorrow for a blood transfusion. He has mentioned a blood transfusion after the past several rounds, but had said he was thinking we would be able to avoid it. And here we are. Instead of avoiding it, we’re facing it head on. But, in positive news, it should make me feel pretty good over the next few days, so there’s that…I’ll take it.

Live TV…this one makes me sweat. My sweet sister in law forwarded the Kiptin Cookie story to the a Channel 4 news anchor that she watches every morning. Well, the anchor, Lauren Pryzbyl, commented on the blog post–“Tears!! Love what is happening here and would love to share it with our viewers on Good Day FOX 4. Would love to have you and Kiptin on Good Day. Please let me know the best way to contact you. Thank you for your time and keep up the fight!!”

And so, after a few emails and phone calls with one of Fox 4’s producers, Dana Driver, we are set to be LIVE, tomorrow morning at 8:20. I’m not sure you read that correctly…I said live. Not where you can screw up and they can go back and record and edit and try again…like, whatever happens, that’s what everyone will see. Yay! This should be interesting. I am SO incredibly grateful that people are going to see this boy’s heart…that people are going to see that there is still good in the world…that there is hope. I’m going to need a few prayers and a few Xanax to keep me calm. Normally, I have no trouble talking in front of people/kids/adults, but there are several things lately that I just can’t seem to talk about without losing it. The ugly cry. Oh man. There’s a really good chance the world anyone who watches Good Day is going to see the ugly cry. It’s not pretty. But, the story is. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid the ugly cry, keep myself together, and get this kid some recognition. Hey, a girl can dream. Is 7 am too early for a glass of wine? (Kidding) Don’t judge.

Kiptin’s Mom, Colleen, has been prepping him so that he will be comfortable enough to talk tomorrow. The kid loves to talk, but does get super shy at times. And I imagine having cameras all around you might make anyone shy…so we’re doing what we can to get him prepared. Colleen asked him what he wanted as a reward if he does really well…you know what he said? Guess. I was thinking like, a trip, a new fancy toy, a puppy, a video game…after all, he is a 6 year old boy.

You know what he wants? He wants to go to lunch with Mrs. Moore. Can this kid get any more amazing? Little does he know, I need him so much more than he needs me. For now, I will keep letting him think that I hung the moon…but one day, he will realize that it was actually him who hung it. (That doesn’t sound grammatically correct, but I’ve got more important things to worry about right now.)

*Side Note: Somehow, Kiptin’s story ended up in a contest on I’m under the impression that the story with the most votes will be featured on Ellen. I’m not sure about the specific details of the contest, all I know is there are a bunch of stories and we need votes. Click the link below to vote. Here are the steps…

  1. Go to Ellen Nation.
  2. Click to register.
  3. Scroll until you find this picture. Click on it.
  4. Click the green arrow.
  5. Feel good about yourself because we’re now one step closer to sharing this precious boy’s story with the rest of the world!

Moving on…Monica Potter. Y’all. Hang on to your seats. For real. I’m going to give you a minute to take a deep breath and perhaps, a moment of silence. A moment of silence in necessary to commemorate a new friendship obsession that is blooming exploding. [Waiting…waiting…]

So I’m sure most of you have ready the post about how a friend of mine reached out to Monica Potter and shared my post about Parenthood. Monica had replied and even mentioned to her that she she wanted my permission to share the story on her Facebook page. Well, of course, I gave her the okay because, y’all, it’s Monica Potter. If she would have asked for my right leg, I probably would have given it to her.

So anyway, I have been watching her page like a hawk. (Not to sound like a stalker or anything…but it if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…) Nothing. She hadn’t posted it. With that being said, I’ve been looking for a reason to reach out to her now that I knew she was familiar with my “story”.

Then once my little 6 year old prince started a cookie business and raised over $1,000…for me. Ding ding ding! This was it. This was what I could share with her because who doesn’t love a 6 year old little hero?

I sent her the link to the blog post and told her that I thought she would like to hear a heartwarming story, yadda yadda. And y’all, SHE RESPONDED.


You’ll notice, she mentions that she got my number from Jaclyn and tried to call, but thinks it was the wrong number. Ummm, hold the phone! (I think that’s how that expression is used.) Why in the world would someone famous like her, take the time out of her day to call me? Someone she didn’t know from Adam. (And for you Parenthood fans…did you catch that pun? Adam is Kristina’s husband on the show. Man, I even impress myself sometimes.)

Continuing on…once I put the pieces together and realized that she had tried to call, I decided to check my voicemail. And let me preface this by saying: I HATE VOICEMAIL. I hate checking my voicemail. I don’t know why, but I know that it drives me nuts. Normally, when I get an alert that my voicemail is full, I delete all 96 of them (without listening) and move on. So if you’ve ever left me a voicemail and didn’t hear back, I apologize. I’m guilty. Just text if it’s important. 🙂

I digress. So I went to look at my voicemail and I noticed there was one from a Los Angeles number. Oh.My.Word. It couldn’t be. Not a chance. I went to click play and my phone kept messing up (see, another reason I hate voicemail)…eventually, I got the message to play.


And then I died and went to heaven. At least it seemed like it at the time. (Considering the circumstances, I probably shouldn’t have said I died…but, for the sake of an entertaining story, let’s go with it.)

Y’all! She called me…intentionally. And, she left me a message…a message specifically to me. She even gave me her number and said to call her back so we could chat. I was sure that this wasn’t real…Monica Potter called me? And she wanted me to call her back. Someone could have told me I won the lottery right then, and I would have felt the exact same way.

And the crazy thing…the second she started talking in the message, it was her same Parenthood voice! Now don’t think I’m stupid…I don’t think that she has two different voices, one that she used in Parenthood and one that she used all the other times, but it sounded exactly like her. All she had said was “Hi” and I immediately knew it was her. (Not to mention, when I played the message for Danny, he essentially said the same thing–she sounds just like she did on TV!)

So, I did what anyone would do and I threw my phone down, danced around a bit, and cried (shocker!). I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that someone so well-known and famous (in my eyes) would take the time out of their busy schedule to call to tell me she was proud of me. It may not have seemed like much to her, but oh man. It meant the world to me.

By the time I got the message, it was already Friday night…so I figured I would wait until next week to call her back. You know, maybe she was spending time with her family…I strive to be a considerate stalker. (Monica, if you’re reading this, I promise I’m not actually a stalker. I just like you. A lot. And I think you’re pretty incredible.)

Monday rolled around and I spent most of the morning trying to build up the courage to call her back…and when I finally got brave enough, I called. It rang for what seemed like 45 minutes, and then went to voicemail. I was a little relieved because I got super nervous while it was ringing. But then, it happened. I rambled on and on like an idiot on her voicemail. (Do you see why I don’t like voicemail?! There’s a common theme.) The rest of the day passed and I didn’t hear anything…because, well, she’s important. She has things to do.

But being the Fan Girl I am, I went ahead and did what any Fan Girl would do…I saved her number to my phone. And let’s be honest. I did this not because I thought I’d ever need it again or because I thought we just might become best friends and call each other frequently…but because, let’s face it. If she did call back, the screen would say I had an incoming call from Monica Potter…and I needed to screen shot the heck outta that.

I was sitting with a friend later that night working on some LipSense stuff (you should totally try it), when I looked down at my phone. Y’ALL. Picture this, especially if you have an iPhone…Text message from Monica Potter. Ahhhhh! It was almost as perfect as getting a call from her…so I screen shot it, right? NO. I freaked out, got too excited, and clicked off the darn screen to see what she said. Dang it.

I did, however, screen shot the message. I was going to post it on here, but then figured that may be weird for her. She was trying to be nice and I’m going crazy posting for the world to see…so I’ll summarize. She said thanks for checking in, she was about to head to bed but that we could hopefully reconnect over the weekend. And then she wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Oh.My.Goodness. My Fan Girl heart was about to beat out of my chest! This lady was genuine. And you know how I said she sounds exactly like she did on the show? She texts exactly like she talks. I felt like I could hear her saying those things in her Parenthood voice.

I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, Monica (We’re not on a first name basis, I just pretend we are.) will realize that I’m her long lost best friend and we need to reunite. I’m pretty sure our friendship is what’s missing in her life. (She may not know she’s missing anything…but I’m sure of it.)

In all seriousness, if you are reading this, Monica, please know how much it meant to me for you to take the time to call and text to check on me. It may not have seemed like much for you, but it meant the world to me and reminded me that they are still good people out there…thank you for being one of them.





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