Round 2 – Day 4, (Almost) Out the Door

Yesterday was a nice change of pace. As much as I have LOVED having visitors, yesterday I was able to catch up on some sleep. Apparently I needed it.

I did have several surprise visitors which sent me over the moon! One of my dearest friends from high school walked through the door and I almost fell out of the bed. And then, a neighbor from our old neighborhood came and it was SO nice to catch up. It was good for my heart to spend some quality time with some precious people.



Then I got a special visit from this guy. Made my heart full. Love you, Dad.


The kids are on the mend! Neither of them has had a fever in a few days and both seem to be happy…but also ready to be home. I absolutely can’t wait to hold them and squeeze them. Soon, my friends, soon!


Christmas Playdoh


Someone’s getting a new tooth…


Time with Nana


A Happy Fat, with his Bimmo

When Danny got off work, he came up and brought us Chuy’s. Delicious. We had a little fun with SnapChat and crammed into a tiny bed after dinner.

Two of our neighbors, Angie and Michelle, came out to visit…and I slept, sorry y’all. Then Michelle came back and spent the night. We had a night full of binge watching Parenthood and HGTV…and then slept in this morning.



Look at that bed! Visitors welcome, it’s huge!

I still love getting #TeamAshley pictures.


Thank you for your continued prayers. We’re still on track to be released Friday night. I am ready to be home, but so thankful that things have gone smoothly. I consider myself very blessed to be feeling so well after 4 days of nasty drugs.

Bless you all!


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