Round 2 – Day 2 is Through!

Day 2 is just about through…and what a good day it was. I’ve felt some of the side effects unlike the day before…but I also got to see some of my very favorite people, so, I win.

Dr. Stone came to visit at 6:30 this morning. Apparently he missed the memo that I’m not an early riser. He said that things looked good and that if they continue to go well, I can hopefully go home on Friday evening. He said that in our case, a boring visit is a good visit. So, we continue to hope for a boring week.

Today was the first day of the Donut Kitchen fundraiser. I was so sad I wasn’t able to go, but I hear that it went amazing…and they are expecting a fantastic turnout tomorrow as well. I am so thankful for every single thing that was done to help make it a success.






My Mama and some of my babies from last year…even she knows how special they are.

The morning started with a surprise visit from my old cheerleading coach and my Little Sis from back in High School. I haven’t seen either of them in about 13 years…so it was SO great to see them and catch up. It meant so much that they would come all the way out here when it had been so long. Coach Ganss and Emily, you two made my day!



Mimi, Shannon, and Mom


Sweet Nolan & Kiptin–I had Nolan last year and Kiptin this year.


One of my very favorite people in the world…Jessice Benton, you are a GEM!


Old friends whom I adore! Ann and Ashley


My sweet brother visiting from Colorado–I love you, Landon!


Our incredible school nurse, Nurse L…one of the funniest people I know.


Precious Alyssa, one of my students from last year.


Sweet Kason, my sweet boy from last year. Are you noticing a pattern? Last year, I was so incredibly blessed by those babies!


Now we match. And I love him even more.


This may be one of my favorite pictures. Ever.




And finally, my sweet big. I want to hold him and snuggle him so badly…but he’s still down with Hand, Foot, & Mouth. His poor little mouth. Pray that he starts to feel better soon. I need to love on my fat baby soon!

Overall, today was amazing…fill with so much love, once again. Several times throughout the day, nausea tried to ruin my party, but my amazing nurse jumped in and saved the day. Side note: I had the same nurse, Miss Teri, yesterday and today and I absolutely ADORE her. She’s off the rest of the week, but I’m trying to convince her that when I come back in three weeks, she would work Monday-Friday so I can have her all week. She hasn’t taken me up on my offer yet, but I’m confident hoping she will. 😉

The only other side effect I’ve had today is a pretty rotten headache. I’ve taken some more Tylenol and I’m hoping it will kick in shortly. I’ve got to go get some rest because it sounds like tomorrow will be full of more visitors and I couldn’t be more excited. As much as I LOVE seeing everyone, if you’re sick, or even feel the slightest bit that you might be coming down with something, please hold off from coming up. We’re almost half way through this round and I don’t want to slow down. 🙂 Better safe than sorry.

Thank you for loving me. I couldn’t be any more blessed with the most incredible support system.


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