Round 2 – Day 1 is Done!

Well, Day One is done. Things are going well. I’m feeling good…and I’m reminded of how blessed I am.

It was an early morning. We got up at 5 and headed to the hospital at 5:45.


Don’t mind my surprised face…the flash got me.

We got all checked in and settled in our [huge] room. We had to wait around several hours to actually get the chemo started because they had to take my blood and check my levels before they could even mix the medicine. They checked my levels and they were good, praise the Lord. Last week they were low, so our fingers were crossed that they would be high enough to start treatment.


I got started on the Rituxan around 2. It lasted for several hours and then we got started on the combination of drugs that I will receive around the clock for the next 4 days.

In the mean time, I was able to get some rest while Danny worked remotely. When I woke up, some elves came to visit and bring Christmas to my room. The elves were named Chelsea, Carrie, Tara, Michelle, Preston, Greyson, and Coy. My heart almost exploded. They brought two Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and banners and turned a boring room into a little Christmas Wonderland.



We had quite a few visitors throughout the rest of the day. It made my heart so happy. I’ve been feeling really good so far and was able to get some sleep last night. Nurses came in all hours of the night for miscellaneous things–check my temperature, take my blood, change the battery in my monitor, etc. So, it wasn’t a peaceful sleep, but it was sleep…and for that, I am grateful.


Me and Sweet Coy


My Bald Compadre


Coy with Uncle Danny


Chelsea and the Calmest Baby Alive


My Precious Cousin Carrie


Greyson & Preston


Michelle & Angie


Mimi, Landon, & Lexi


My Better Half…and we match.

Thank you for everyone who has came to visit, checked in to see how we’re doing, etc. You are a blessing!

Day 2, I’m coming for ya!


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