Neighbors Who Shave Together

So last week when I got my head shaved, I was curious if I would be able to pull out my hair even when it was super short. To answer my question, yes, yes I could. Bad news: I now had little bald spots that look like polka dots because I felt that I needed to prove that I could still pull it out. For some reason, at the time, I thought this was a good idea. I’ll have you know, it was not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. Because I had polka dots, I decided I needed to shave my head a little more so I could make the dots disappear, but also so that I wouldn’t be able to mess with anymore.

When you want to shave your head, who do you call? You’re bald neighbor, of course. Chuck offered was forced to come over and help a lady out. He brought his razor and clippers with the plan of using both. We used the clipped and got it down pretty short. Our Christmas party was about to start, so we were in a hurry and I decided that length would be fine I would just have to make myself use a little self control and not create more polka dots.


If you look closely, you can see one of my polka dots.



Apparently, that wasn’t a good length for me either. I was able to practice some self control…but there was a new problem. The top/back of my head was really sensitive. Whenever I laid my head back on something, like the seat in the car or against a chair, it felt really uncomfortable.

So when I got back from San Marcos, Danny was going to shave my head with his razor. He wasn’t sure if his razor would work well or not, so he put a small amount of shaving cream on my head and began shaving…and I was pretty confident that he was shaving the skin off of my head. (If you’ve seen Danny’s face lately, you’d know that he hasn’t been using his razor much…)

We needed a new plan. Danny asked Chuck and Tiara if we could borrow a razor to finish the job. Minutes later, we had half of our street at our house and ended up making a night of it. Tiara shaved my head with a razor (and left all of the skin attached).


Then, Jonathan (Ding Ding) asked if I wanted to shave his head…and of course, I did. Who would turn down someone wanting to be my baldy twin? So we cut it with clippers first, and then I used a razor.




Once I started using the razor, I turned the water on so I could use shaving cream. Before testing the water, I went ahead and spray it all over his head. It was scalding hot. His head turned bright red immediately. Whoops. You know how I know I have the best neighbors? He still let me shave his head…and he did it with a smile. 🙂 Sorry, Ding Ding.

Side note: While I’m not able to work at my current job, I’m considering starting a head shaving side business so I can make some money on the side. I did a pretty darn good job, if I do say so myself. And I do.)

Danny said from the start that if I wanted to him to shave his head to show support, he would absolutely do it. And from the beginning, I was adamant that that would not happen. I love his curly hair and couldn’t picture him with a bald head. As we were shaving Jonathan’s head and I found myself not saying no immediately. I actually kind of liked how it looked on Jonathan and figured that maybe it would look similar on Danny.

So, you guessed it. Danny was next in line. For weeks he had been saying that he wanted to channel his inner Mr. T and shave a mohawk to match his beefy beard. I figured we would do the mohawk and then immediately shave it off. Well, I was wrong. We shaved the mohawk and we all actually really liked how it looked. Somehow, with his big ol’ grin, he was able to pull off the Mr. T quite nicely. See for yourself.


Once everyone else refused my offer to shave their head, we took a picture with everyone who matched me. 🙂


I’ve said it a million times before…but we have the best neighbors. If you think you do, you’re wrong. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Neighbors who shave together, stay together. 🙂


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