Family Pictures

Right after I was diagnosed, our Art Teacher mentioned that she had a friend that is a photographer who likes to do complimentary photography sessions for families who have someone battling cancer. Such an incredible gift. We haven’t had family pictures done in quite a while…and we wanted to capture this time before my hair fell out.

The photographer, Nikki Humphrey, was absolutely incredible. I didn’t have very high expectations because I figured that getting Hudson and Harper to both cooperate was a recipe for disaster. At the time of the pictures, it seemed like I was right.

I quickly got outfits coordinated for everyone, which went better than I thought it would. Harper begrudgingly agreed to wear the outfit I asked her to and we went on our merry way to a park in McKinney.We had been talking about her hair for a few days leading up to the pictures. She’s in a pigtail phase currently and I was hoping we would be able to have her hair down for pictures. Silly Mommy. We got to the park and Harper wasn’t having it. She was just heartbroken that I wouldn’t let her have pigtails. She refused to smile…refused all bribes…and may have even gotten a spanking (don’t judge). Even after all that, she still wanted those dang pigtails. Hudson was starting to get antsy, so you know what? We gave in. She got her darn pig tails. She won, I lost. But you know what else? She was a gem from then on. “Mommy, I just wanted pigtails and then I would smile.” What a turkey four year old.

It was actually kind of chilly the night we were taking pictures, so things went south quickly. Once Harper finally decided to cooperate, Hudson decided he was done. So, we didn’t get as many pictures of the four of us together as I had hoped, but we did get some good ones of each of us with each kiddo. I really wasn’t expecting to love the final products…but Nikki said that she thought I would be pleasantly surprised. And boy, was she right. She did a phenomenal job. I am in love with so many of the pictures. I will treasure these forever. And, I have to add, my hair looked pretty darn good.


Several things: Jump up 3 pictures and look at my hair. Man. Now I’m bald. (Insert surprised face.) Go all the way to the top picture and move down one row…the one with Harper looking over Danny’s shoulder. We’re in trouble. Like seriously in trouble. She is going to give us a run for our money…she’s a Daddy’s girl like you wouldn’t believe. Then skip down three more pictures and look at Hudson’s profile. His little face is fat and so stinking cute…and I love it. I’m obsessed with that picture.

Nikki, I cannot thank you enough for capturing these moments for us. We made it as difficult as we possibly could have, but you worked magic. We will treasure these forever.


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