Feelin’ Good

Things have been good. I think all most of the side effects of chemo have left for now…and I was not sad to see them go.

I’ve been feeling pretty good…and it has been SO nice. Last Friday was the best I’ve felt since this whole mess started. I was sitting on the couch binge-watching Parenthood and got a call from my principal…once I hung up with her, I decided that instead of just sitting, I was going to go up to school to see some of my favorite people.

We all have that place…that place that just makes your heart happy…that place where you feel loved, but you also love everyone there. For me, that place is my school. I genuinely love it. The amount of happiness I experience while I’m here is unreal…and also kind of weird. But, I’m aware that it’s weird, so it makes it okay.

I was able to spend a little quality time with my precious team, whom I adore. I haven’t seen them all since I was diagnosed, so it has been a while. I miss them dearly. We laugh a lot and just get each other…so it was nice to have that again, even if it was just for a few minutes.

I got hugs from each and every person who came into the office and it was magical. I am blessed to work with such incredible people. I hope and pray that everyone is able to find this sense of happiness in their workplace, at least once in their lifetime.

We meet with the oncologist tomorrow to figure out the details for treatment next week. I’m anxious to figure out which hospital I will be in. I’m thankful I won’t be in over Christmas, but also nervous that I’ll be feeling crummy just in time for Christmas. Either way, we’re moving forward and getting rid of this nasty disease.


This people are good for my soul.


One thought on “Feelin’ Good

  1. Tessa was SOO glad to see you! Poor girl was jumping out of her skin to bolt through the library doors to make her way to a squeeze but was so scared she’d get in trouble! Good luck tomorrow! Big day!

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