Cookies with Santa…and a Bug

This past weekend was a roller coaster.

Friday was amazing. I felt pretty good all day. Neighbors came over and helped me get the house ready for our second annual Cookies with Santa. Last year we had a great turnout. This year, somehow, the list of people invited got longer and longer. The day before, I looked at the Evite and noticed 97 people had RSVPed Yes. Oops. That’s a whole lot of people…and a whole lot of kids. Should be chaotic fun.

We (mainly Danny) were a little skeptical about how everyone was going to fit in our house…but I didn’t care. I was busting at the seems with excitement to see some of my very favorite people.

Things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without some key people…remember that village I mentioned before? We have the most amazing village. Danny spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen making cookies the days leading up to the party. Neighbors (shout out Chuck and Garrett) came and hung stuff on the walls (only took me about a year and a half to decide where to put stuff), Tiara painted a huge Rudolph door hanger to welcome our guests, and Michelle, Angie, and my family came and tidied up after work.

And then, I got to see some of my most precious babies from my class last year. It was good for my soul. Seeing their faces and hugging them tight was the best medicine I could have had. Words can’t quite describe how happy they make me. I am so blessed.


My sweet Claire


Audrey and Dean


Nolan and Kiptin


My heart could explode!



The kiddos came and decorated sugar cookies, played upstairs, and got to visit with Santa. It reminded me of why I enjoy this time of year so much. If even just for a few minutes, it made me forget about everything going on right now and made me appreciate my people. (Side note: Hud couldn’t quite hang with the big kids. He went to bed before Santa got there…maybe next year.)


Someone insisted on dressing like Ariel…Mama wasn’t going to fight it.


Christmas Miracle #1–Everyone is looking and smiling.


Mommy and Hud had matching sweaters.


Hud with Aunt Wu



Everyone had a wonderful time. It was perfect. I wish I could have taken those moments, put them in a box and kept them forever. I suppose that’s what my heart is for.

After most people left, our neighbors hung around and laughed. We laughed until I couldn’t laugh anymore. We are so truly blessed to have these neighbors. They are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet. You need them in your lives. If you don’t know them…come meet them. You’ll be glad you did.

And then, Sunday hit…like a Mac truck. Hudson woke up Saturday in the middle of the night projectile vomiting. This continued Saturday morning but he then added gnarly diarrhea to the mix. Thank you, Lord for Danny. He tackled that diaper. I have never smelled something so heinous and pungent.

He seemed okay afterwards, so we didn’t think much of it. He continued being his happy, fat self. Sunday afternoon, I began to feel icky. I wasn’t sure if it was side effects of the chemo or what. I had been warned that side effects can show up days later…so this was my first thought. My body was achy. I felt like I had been hit by a truck…and then run over again. And again. I didn’t have a fever, but I was freezing cold and sweating. I kept feeling like I needed to throw up, but nothing would come up.

One of the biggest side effects I had been experiencing was nausea, so I hadn’t been eating much as it was. I didn’t really have anything to throw up. Alas, I still felt like I was going to.

While I’m laying in bed, I hear Harper, “Daddy, I think I’m going to throw up.” Oh please, no. So she ended up throwing up multiple times and looked just absolutely awful.

Danny’s mom came over to help with the kiddos since I was out of commission. She ended up taking both of them to their house for the night. Per the doctor, we are being extremely cautious about me being around anyone who is sick or could be sick.

Harper didn’t feel well and wasn’t quite on board with leaving, so Danny went her to his mom’s house to drop her off. While he was gone, I decided to take a bath…that has seemed to be the only thing I could do that didn’t make me feel horrible. Well. My body had different plans. I begin throwing up and couldn’t seem to stop. I hadn’t been eating anything because of the nausea. Every time I tried to take a sip of water or Gatorade, it immediately came back up. I couldn’t keep any medicine down.

I somehow managed to get myself back in bed. My sister in law rushed over to sit with me while we waited for Danny to get home. They called the on call doctor who called in a different nausea medicine that would hopefully knock me out for the night.

I couldn’t wait for that night o be over. It just plain sucked. That’s the only way to put it. I’d be okay if I never felt like that again. I’m praying that it was the bug that Hudson and Harper had and that it wasn’t the chemo making me feel so bad. I’d rather not feel like that every three weeks, if at all possible.

So for now, I think we’re on the upswing.

Tomorrow we meet with the bone marrow transplant specialist. Pray for good news.


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