Get Out the Scissors

As weird as it sounds, whenever I was younger, I always related people having cancer with them losing their hair. I’m not sure if it was from movies, family friends, or what…but whenever I heard about someone having cancer, I assumed that meant that they also had no hair. I remember years ago, on multiple occasions, telling my mom that if I ever had cancer, losing my hair would be the hardest part, hands down.

Well guess what? Some things never change.

The doctor said that it would take approximately 2 weeks for me to start losing my hair once I started treatment. He warned me that it would just start falling out in clumps. (Just typing that makes me sick to my stomach.) I knew if I left my hair long like it was, it would potentially make it that much harder because there would be SO much hair left to fall out.

So, I tagged along with my sister in law on Thursday when she went to get her hair cut. I had been trying to prepare myself mentally…but I’m not totally sure you can do that. I was feeling good when we got there. But then sitting in the chair with my hair hair in a pony tail, my eyes filled with tears. And then, I ugly cried. Like, really ugly. My sister in law held my hand under the gown I was wearing. I’m not sure she will ever know how much it means to have her there with me. Thank you, T.



I have a lot of hair, so it took what seemed like an eternity to cut all the way through it. We kept it in a pony tail so that it can be donated. I collected myself and avoided making eye contact with the mirror.


Am I happy with the way it turned out? Yes. She did a fantastic job…Do I love that I have short hair now? No. I loved my long hair. But remember…this is temporary.

For now, I’m going to enjoy not having to spend an hour to dry and curl my hair. 🙂

I figure I better not get too attached to this hair cut because it’s about to all be gone. Bzzzz! (Imagine the sound of clippers.)


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