Before all of this started, I knew my school was incredible. I tell people that all the time. It truly is the most amazing place to work.

However, the love and support they have shown the past several weeks leaves me absolutely speechless (which is typically pretty hard to do). Everyone, and I mean every.single.staff member has reached out and shown our family so much love. For Thanksgiving, they provided an entire Thanksgiving meal for us. You would not believe the amount of food that was delivered to our house. I will never be able to adequately put how much their generosity has blessed us.

They created the most perfect shirts for people to buy…my eyes fill with tears when I see pictures of them wearing the shirts. Every Tuesday, they get to wear the shirt with jeans. (You’re welcome, y’all. Enjoy those jeans.) I only have a few of the team pictures wearing the shirts. I’ll post more as I get them.

They set up a GoFundMe account to help with some of the medical costs since I won’t be working during treatment.

They have filled up a meal train my sister in law organized.

They call and check on me every day…multiple times a day.

They say it takes a village…and man, I have one heck of a village. I am truly blessed.




My Team


4th Grade


Special Education


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