Another Kidney Infection

When I think back to when all of this started, I realize that a lot has happened since then. So, I’m going to retell everything through several different posts. To be honest, my mind is spinning in so many different directions, I can’t sit and focus long enough to get it all out at one time.

Here we go…in October, I had been complaining of lower back pain and just kept pushing it aside. I assumed it was either stress from school or just being sore from working out in the mornings.

The pain was dull but constant. After continuous complaining, Danny mentioned that he wondered if it could something kidney related. Several years ago, I had two kidney infections in which I felt very similar pain. I hadn’t considered this…but once he mentioned it, I decided to call my family doctor. In the past, she diagnosed it as a kidney infection, put me on some antibiotics, and I went on my merry way.

I assumed this was the same drill. I couldn’t get in with my actual doctor, but got an appointment with her Nurse Practitioner. She took a urine sample and just as I expected, she suspected it was a kidney infection. She put me on an antibiotic and said that by this time next week, the pain should be gone and I should be good to go.

Fast forward to next week…I had finished the antibiotic and not only had the pain continued, it started bothering me more and more. Oh, and I began having blood in my urine. Well, darn.

I called the doctor and asked her opinion and she said that I needed to come in again for further testing because it seemed like there was something going on with my kidneys.

So, on Thursday, November 10, I went back in. They did another urine sample and I waited for the results while also making four different lists of things that needed to be done for school. When the results came back, the nurse practitioner seemed pretty concerned with the amount of protein and blood in my urine. She said that because of the amount of protein and the location of the pain, her first thought was kidney stones.

She wanted me to get in for a CT scan when it was convenient…well, if I’m being honest, it wasn’t going to be convenient any time soon. I had too much to do. Fortunately, the medical assistant came in and said he was on the phone with the imaging company and they could see me in 20 minutes.

Had he not come in and essentially “forced” me to go…I could potentially still be completely clueless about the disease that was already wreaking havoc in my body. Bless that man.

I went straight to the place to have the CT done and all I could think about was how inconvenient this was and how I should have just ignored the pain and sucked it up. When the CT tech called be back, he was pretty chatty. We had some good conversation…at one point I even remember saying that laying there on the table was like a little vacation from my 19 little kiddos at school.

He started by explaining the process, injected the dye, and began the scans. He continued to make jokes and ask questions. He left the room for a moment and came back a completely different person. He was cold and very abrupt. At the time, I didn’t think twice about it…but thinking back, that should have been a huge red flag for me that something wasn’t right.

…to be continued…


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